North Coast Abalone Iron Best Ab Iron on the market

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North Coast Abalone iron Best Ab Iron on the market

The North Coast Abalone Iron is the finest Ab Iron on the market; made of the highest grade Stainless Steel available. With a length of 15 inches and a weight of just over 1.2 pounds, the North Coast Abalone Iron is the perfect tool to mark an abalone, hold a float line and pop even the most inaccessible ab from the tightest hole. The North Coast Abalone Iron is 0.25 inches thick, 1.25 inches wide and has the nicest gentle radius allowing easy prying without damaging the abalone meat. The tip of the North Coast Abalone Iron is angled at a swift plane to allow easy placement and prying.

With conformed hard polyethylene grip and elastic strap, the North Coast Abalone Iron is easy to hold, just the right weight to mark a trophy with a float line and hefty enough to pop even the most difficult of Abalone.

Compliant with all Californian regulations on abalone irons, the North Coast Abalone Iron is the weapon of choice when you demand the finest when you dive the cold water of Northern California searching for those elusive ten inch abs.