Puhala and the Revenge of the Matu: Ancient Hawaiian and Polynesian traditions, the island's only hope.

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Puhala, has destroyed the Matu’s weapons and escaped, but now they want revenge and are willing to kill anyone who gets in their way. The Matu send a girl spy to find Puhala and expose his peaceful village’s weaknesses and are prepared for everything but the spy’s love for her long lost brother.  Puhala and the Revenge of the Matu is a middle grade historical fiction set on the island of Kauai seven centuries before the arrival of the first European explorers and teaches the history, folklore and traditions of the Hawaiian people.

Discover the amazing history and language of ancient Hawaii while following Puhala as he fights alongside his friends to save themselves and their village. Can Puhala and his friends stop the evil Matu? Will his parents, the village and King Kiamana stop the Matu and their evil plan?

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